5 Top Things People Want to Learn on a Bodyboard Coaching Weekend


5 top things bodyboard

Our first bodyboard coaching weekend of the summer brought with it some lovely swell and vast improvements all round. We had a mixed variety of abilities join us from first time bodyboarders to experienced competitors boasting 25 years in the game. We find time and time again that there are some key parts of bodyboarding every customer wants to nail over a two day coaching course.

1. Bodyboarding Essential – Duck Diving

It might be an obvious one but duck diving is one of the most important elements that make for a successful session. You don’t want to be wasting your energy battling the waves on some buccaneering mission, learning this effective technique will make your session so much more enjoyable as well as inevitably upping your wave count to!

2. Trimming

To get all important speed down the line and hit that lip correctly you need to perfect the art of trimming. Not only is this aspect of bodyboarding crucial for technical reasons it’s fundamental in getting that exhilaration and adrenaline we all know too well!

3. Cut Back

Once you are competent with board and hand positioning as well as trimming it’s time to add a bit of style to your riding! Nothing beats fanning some spray as you execute a precision cut back. Although tricky to master at first with the help of video and photo analysis it is one of those moves that suddenly just clicks and once nailed you won’t look back. 

4. Spins

Almost everyone wants to perfect a spin. You can’t beat that feeling of getting it right but it is one of the harder manoeuvres to complete and usually takes a fair amount of practice. Cornish breaks such as Fistral Beach offer the types of waves ideal for spins so during a 2 hour session you are bound to get through some progressive work!

5. The Roll

Well if almost everyone wants to learn spins absolutely everyone wants to nail a roll. Getting some air time and then landing it is a pretty unbeatable feeling. This is one that also takes some perseverance but something that is again really helped with the use of video and photo analysis combined with the experienced coaches on hand. During every coaching weekend we hear from at least one client that what they thought they were doing turned out to be the opposite of what they were actually doing when seeing themselves on the big screen!

Bodyboard Coaching – Success Rates

During every bodyboard coaching weekend we hope to get at least one aim ticked off for everyone and usually succeed in doing so. With close quarters tuition, a solid three sessions in the water as well as video and photo analysis everyone who joins us on a weekend finds they improve come the end of the two days. We can’t wait for our next event in June where we will be exploring some hidden Cornish breaks whilst glamping in a lovely spot as part of our summer Cornwall Bodyboard camp. You can take a look here for more details.

If you want to  in Newquay or are interested in any of our future coaching weekends or holidays abroad don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01637 879571.


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