Bodyboard Coaching Weekend 15-16th September


Coaching Weekend

Another epic bodyboard weekend! Here is what they had to say about it:


“Had great fun, and definitely learnt some new tips, which will help with my bodyboarding in the future :)” – Helen Sobye, 31, Camborne.

“Another amazing weekend, learnt so much and feel so much more confident with everything. Thanks so much guys!” – Thomas Moon, 26, Glastonbury.

“A great weekend with very good instruction, picked up loads of tips to improve my bodyboarding. Thanks Gaz!”- Chris Hall, 45, Chesterfield.

“Great fun! Coaches were really friendly” – Josh Lewis, 14, Student.

“Great coaches, learnt alot, def’ enjoyed” – Lee Groves, 44, Hagley.

“Great weekend and very useful tips and advice.Cheers!” – Nathan Galley, 31, Camelford.

“Really good tips and taught me how to forward and reverse spin with out putting my hand in the water” – Ben Foster, 14, Student.


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