Bodyboard Surfari Scores Wedges to the North and South


NMD Coaching Weekend

NMD Bodyboard Coaching Weekend July 14.

By Rob Barber

Our July bodyboard-coaching weekend hit the road to score super fun wedge peaks at secret spots to the north and south of Newquay. Great improvements were shown across the board.

Great weather in the UK often means small waves and this weekend we were bathed in glorious sun, but with a small swell running you can find fun waves if you know where to look. So the crew which was made up of riders from London, Cornwall, Shropshire and Somerset all jumped in their cars and were guided by our experienced team of instructors to the most punchy waves on the north Cornish coast.

Bodyboarding Maneuver’s

There was a broad range of skills on the course so the tuition was tailored to each individual. By the time the dust settled on Sunday afternoon, the tired but stoked bodyboarders had covered:

  • wave riding etiquette
  • duck diving
  • paddling acceleration
  • the importance of a high trim line
  • cutbacks
  • threesixty’s
  • barrel rolls
  • re-entry’s and lip rebounds

For the first time, the coaching team from the Bodyboard-Depot drew not only on their own qualified experience but also from the coaching video that they have produced from the footage collected on their coaching holidays. The video breaks down the fundamentals of every move which makes it easy to dissect. The results were off the dial.

Learn Threesixty’s

Simon Hendy from Somerset wanted to learn how to complete threesixty spins. Using the video, beach and water work he nailed his first spin within two hours. Simon commented “I’ve wanted to learn threesixty’s for a long time, with some simple tips I picked them up quickly, I’ve had a great weekend and am now addicted to wedge waves after Rob and the team took us to some super fun waves”. Simon continued, “I can’t wait to join the coaching holiday to Morocco in March”.

With four fun water sessions, an evening meal on Saturday, a surfari around Cornwall and a stack of new skills learned and a new network of bodyboarding friends developed it was an awesome weekend. The crew were presented with a goodie bag fron NMD that included a sweet new t-shirt each, DVD’s, stickers, key rings etc. Simon Hendy was presented with a slick new NMD Dave Winchester board for showing such awesome progress.

Do you fancy tuning up your riding? Why not attend one of our Coaching Weekends? Or Camps? Click HERE for further info:

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