How To Bust An Invert


How to boost an Invert Air

Step 1 :
For any sort of aerial manoeuvre speed is essential. Put in a solid bottom turn and keep your board flat as you angle onto the oncoming section. The most crucial part of this step is making sure that your timing is perfect to ensure you slingshot outwards – rather than being too late and getting an embarrassing lip to the head.

Step 2 :
You should now be airborne and twisting your body into the invert. Your head should be completely upside down and your arms should be twisting your board inverted. Try to remember that the slower you get into this position, the more stylish it will look. Try to kick your inside leg upwards, this will split your legs and allow your body to twist upside down more easily.

Step 3 :
The next step is the hardest as you should now be in the invert position, where your natural reaction is to pull your board back around for landing. Instead of this you should try and pause for a fraction of a second. This will allow you to keep getting more flight as your body is still arcing through the invert.

Step 4 :
As you feel yourself beginning to drop down towards the wave you should begin to slowly bring your board back around yourself. If you’ve timed it right, the lip should hit the flats just before you do, breaking your fall.

Step 5 :
Throughout the landing it’s essential to hold on tight. Brace your body so that you don’t head-butt your board, then regain trim position as soon as possible. This will help you ride out of the move and ideally – straight into the next!


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