How To Hit The Lip


The first lip move that you will need to learn on a bodyboard is a lip re-entry.

This will assist with your progression towards aerial manoeuvres on a bodyboard.

Step 1:
Whilst in the trim position riding down the face of the wave, you need to begin ‘eyeing’ out your section (lip). You need to ensure you have total focus on the lip; being able to tell when it’s about to pitch over and closeout.
Step 2:
Aim to have a mid to high trim line so you can then move into your bottom turn, generating speed towards the lip. Come out of your bottom turn and hit the lip as it begins to pitch.
Step 3:
Aim the bottom of your board to rebound off the lip as it pitches. If you have timed this well it will project you into the flats. Be sure to have a tight hold on your board so that you don’t lose it when you hit the lip.
Step 4:
Aim your board for the beach, hold on tight and brace yourself for landing. Try centre your weight over your board so that you have a soft landing on top of the white water.


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