Final Bodyboard Coaching Weekend of the Year – Secrets to an Easy Paddle Out


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Our final Newquay coaching weekend of the year went out with a bang with some typical October swell and even a celebrity coach in our midst. The forecast was looking great all week in the run up to the event and in October fashion there was a low pressure building out in the Atlantic ready to send some substantial size into Fistral. It wouldn’t be our traditional autumn coaching weekend if there weren’t the odd wave that would test your metal.

Bodyboard Coaching at Fistral Beach

Fistral beach is regarded as the home of British surfing for good reason. Although it is great to sample other breaks, sometimes you just can’t fault what is right on your doorstep. The fact that the best waves in the area were a 2-minute walk away from the school made our decision on where to go pretty easy. Magic Seaweed was predicting 3-4ft waves with a strong offshore wind and we got this and more. We worked on a range of skills but one of the main focuses of the weekend was getting out back in chunky waves with ease.

Bodyboarding Techniques – Key to Getting Out Back

Conserving your energy and picking the best time and route to head out back is fundamental to a good session. The secrets to a good paddle out are:

Know your Break – knowing wave patterns, currents and sand banks are crucial to obtaining an easier paddle out. Check the line up from afar before getting in. You should watch the waves for at least 10 minutes. Spot those currents that make it easier to get out back whilst also avoiding getting dumped on the head by those big set waves. Soon enough you will know your break like the back of your hand. Take note of where you paddled out and at what stage of the tide so that you know for next time when to get in or when to wait for the tide to move or conditions to change. Note down what the swell was like, the tide and the wind and you will have you own personalised surf checker.

Wait for the lull – it’s no good paddling out at any old time unless you fancy getting a bit ‘washing machined’ in the process. It’s a sure fire way to waste energy that should be spent on riding the wave. Before heading out into the sea in the first place, time the sets so that you can be sure you will paddle out between them. When that last wave of the set rolls in and the lull is there, paddle out! Don’t go bananas, if you picked the right time it should be a pleasant paddle, not motorboat madness.

Duck Diving – this is one of the most vital elements to any bodyboard session in waves over 2 ft. Not only will you lose energy battling the waves if paddling over them but you will waste time and get nowhere fast. Perfecting that duck dive is key. Practicing in smaller waves or a sea pool is a great way to master the technique and build confidence. Once you have nailed duck diving you won’t believe how much easier it is to get out back!

Special Guest Bodyboard Coach – Damian Prisk

Seeing it was our final weekend of the year we thought we would call in current British Bodyboard Champion Damian Prisk for a bit of coaching in our last session. The conditions on the Sunday were near perfect at 2 – 4ft with some cheeky barrels as well! It was a great opportunity for the crew to pick Damian’s brains and watch him in action.

After a long final session the crew headed back to the school for some final photo analysis and the all important presentations!

Bodyboard School – Open for Winter

It has been an amazing season of bodyboard coaching weekends in Cornwall but we don’t close our doors for winter! With autumn and winter offering consistent swell it is a great time to get in the water and on a regular basis. We offer privatesmall group and progression bodyboard lessons throughout the year so there is no need to get rusty during those winter months.

See you on a Bodyboard Holiday or Coaching Weekend soon!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a coaching weekend this year! We are already putting in plans for next year’s events and possibly scheduling some extra dates in the diary as well so watch this space. We can’t wait to see you all back in Newquay before too long. Our coaching weekends may have come to an end for a few months but our holiday programme is just beginning with trips to PortugalMoroccoNicaragua, Costa Rica and Indonesia all on the sunny horizon. Give us a call if any of these dreamy destinations take your fancy on 01637 877722.

Check out some more of the images from the weekend below!


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