3 Reasons Why a Progression Bodyboard Lesson Helps You Improve Fast!


Progression Lessons

Here at our Bodyboard School we have a wide variety of coaching packages to suit everyone’s needs. Whether it’s a whole weekend of coaching or a more targeted and intensive session your riding will benefit hugely from the coaching on offer. But what we all agree is that everyone learns differently and this is why we have so many options to choose from.

We recently had Jacob Kirk from Barnstable join us for one of our Progression Sessions to tune up his riding. Jacob had already been on one of our coaching weekends last year but felt he needed some targeted tuition in order to perfect some moves and techniques he has been working on. Our Progression Session is a 1 on 1 two-hour lesson coached by Rob Barber. The session is also photographed and videoed by our resident professional photographer for analysis afterwards.

We have listed our top 3 reasons for choosing a progression session below:

  1. Individually Focused Coaching

For two hours all undivided attention and eyes are on you and your riding. Wave to wave analysis is priceless and that’s what you get. Jacob’s main aim was to learn how to execute a roll and his first attempt was not far off but needed some tweaking. After some simple pointers and demonstrations from Rob, Jacob was immediately busting another, again under the watchful eye of Rob ready for some further critique if need be. It proves to be a very economical way to improve – as your wave count goes up so does your tuition and in turn the results come on much quicker.

  1. Expert Bodyboard Coaching On Tap

There’s no doubt that this style of lesson is closed quarters, so make the most of it. It’s not bodyboarding on a social scale but instead is an intensive, productive way to improve in the sport. This is the chance for some valuable tuition and is pure gold for your riding. For example if you catch a wave and something isn’t right, whether you think it’s your weight distribution or hand positioning, it only takes a second to ask your very own expert straight away. It’s much more productive to nail those bad habits right away and crack on with the bits and bobs you really want to work on. Not only do you receive expert bodyboard tuition but you have the added bonus of having someone with a vast knowledge of the local area in terms of finding the best waves on the day be it nearby or further afield along the coast.

Photography and Video Analysis

It’s not rocket science but watching your waves back in the warmth of the school with a hot cup of tea is a perfect way to get those last few tips well and truly locked away in the memory bank. In the mêlée of a crashing wave or juicy set, it’s not always ideal for the coach to get a glimpse of that all-important take off. Neither is it easy to relay a more detailed viewpoint of the wave. This is where the long lens on the beach comes in handy. Watching back your wave in slow motion means the coach can pinpoint where you are going wrong to the finest detail. Let’s not forget it’s also there to catch that beautiful barrel or first roll landing too!


Jacob loved his session and it proved to be incredibly beneficial as he was landing roll after roll towards the end. If you want to take your bodyboarding to the next level, score some shots and footage of yourself to take home with you and hit the road with Rob Barber to find the best waves for your session, drop us a line.


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