4 Ways to Improve your Bodyboarding Fast!


There are a few checks that every bodyboarder can make in the pursuit of good style, fast improvements and effective riding technique.

Our last coaching weekend of September was blessed with light winds, clean two-to-four foot waves and plenty of warm sunny weather.  So we had the opportunity to focus on a few of these with our mixed ability group. We covered loads of moves, including spins, rolls, cutbacks etc. But, these were the fundamental points that really made a difference to good riding;


Using video feedback we identified that a number of riders on the course were paddling in to waves and immediately dropping to the bottom third of the wave. This meant that their trim line is drawn across the bottom of the wave, where often there isn’t much speed. Using examples from our training video’s and demonstrations we showed the importance of a high trim line in order to gain and maintain speed.


Through beach demonstration we all identified the perfect trim position for riding right or riding left on a wave. To have a good style the main points for the group to remember were to keep elbows on the board and tucked in. There were also a number of riders holding the middle of the nose of the board with their leading hand. The leading hand needs to hold the front corner of the board. These small adjustments make a huge difference to style and function.


As your head is the heaviest part of your body, it’s essential to look in the direction that you are planning to get too. Where your head leads, your body follows. It sounds a bit stupid to say that but is really important when you’re focusing on style. When we worked on rolls and spins it was really clear that those that looked through their moves and exaggerated their head movements made the fastest improvements.


Every move becomes easier with speed. In order to gain speed it’s really important to minimise drag. So lifting your legs out of the water when trimming and then dipping them to regulate speed was one of the tasks that the group was set. This simple change to nearly everybody on the course saw a massive difference in performance.

All up it was a great weekend with some fantastic improvements, good times and huge smiles from all of the gang. Thanks for coming folks. Roll on the October 18/19 coaching weekend in Newquay.



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