How To Cut Back


Once you’ve negotiated the take off and successfully bottom turned, it’s easy to find yourself out on the waves shoulder and away from the power pocket. Now is the time to initiate a cutback.

Step 1

To get a nice fan of water you need to have a reasonabl amount of speed so it’s best to set yourself up with a nice bottom turn. Then gun it down the line positioning yourself about midway up the face of the wave.

Step 2

Shift your weight to your outside rail, quite far back near the tail of the board. Lead your board through the turn with your front hand.  Arch your back an keep focused on the direction that you’re heading.

Step 3

Now that you’ve shifted all your weight onto the rail you should produce a glorious fan of water! The more speed you have and the harder you jam your rail in, the bigger the fan should be. You’ll use all your speed at this part of your turn, giving the wave a chance to catch up with you.

Step 4

Now that you’re spent, position yourself back on your inside rail as you would normally ride and continue on down the wave…


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