Bodyboard Coaching Weekend Goes Off!

Weekend Goes Off
After everone has just done their saturation training, all stoked that they all landed a roll or two.

Bodyboard Coaching Weekend review Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd June 2013

A review of my second bodyboard coaching weekend review. Rob Henwood, 17, Newquay, Student.

“9:30 in the morning and everyone arrived at the depot ready for the fun to start, the weather was poor and the surfing conditions were nothing to boast about at Fistral. Still the moral was high and everyone was ready for a fun day. We walked down to the bay where the surf was a nice clean 2-3 foot, perfect condition for this kind of weekend. Rob ran through a warm up with everyone and explained any manoeuvres to people that wanted to get on it straight away. Suddenly everything came in our favour, the rain stopped and the sun broke through the clouds, the surf even got slightly bigger on the sets, by now everyone was shredding and already loving the morning. After being in the surf for about an hour Rob brought us out and we did some saturation training where Rob told us on every single wave to do a certain manoeuvre of our choice, the preferred one being a roll, this really helped everyone with perfecting the move. On Sunday the waves at Fistral and in the bay were much bigger so Rob decided to take everyone down to a secret spot where everyone was catching some nice clean 3ft wedges. The whole time out in the surf we were being filmed which really helped everyone improve their riding after watching the footage at lunch on both days. The whole weekend just ran smoothly and ended up working amazing!”

Martin Ward, 40, Warwickshire, Franchise director.

The second time I have done a bodyboard weekend with the depot and it was FANTASTIC the whole team was very friendly and had great knowledge of everything that I asked them. Will be back!

Mark Cridland, 25, Stockport, Field engineer.

The first weekend I have done and I thought it was a super organised weekend with great advice in the water from Rob witch meant I could make adjustments there and then and improve my riding in the water straight away.  I loved the filming and how we watched it back at lunch to see everything that we did. All in all a great weekend.

George Hooper,  17, Newquay,  Student.

It was such a fun weekend! The video analysis was helpful to see where you could improve and see what you were doing well. To lean from experienced instructors was really helpful too.

Some of the group will get changed anywhere if it means they get some sick waves.

Will Hooper, 14, Newquay, Student.

It was super fun! Rob and Sam were so nice and helpful. Learnt loads! Made me even more keen to bodyboard and I am stoked that I now know how to roll. Can’t wait to come back.

If you fancy taking part in a bodyboard coaching weekend, the next event is on June 22/23. Check here for further info.


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