How To Nail A Reverse Spin


Reverse Spin

The reverse is a move that can be carried out more or less anywhere on the wave and can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be.

As long as you keep your legs crossed and look in the direction of the manoeuvre, it should look stylish no matter where it is attempted.

Step 1 :
As with all manoeuvres, a good bottom turn is important. The reverse is no different, although when first getting to grips with the move only a slight bottom turn is required. If you come off the bottom too sharply you risk being directed off the back before having time to complete the rotation – consequently, the shoulder is an ideal place to practice as there’s no rush to complete the move before the next section breaks. Bottom turn and then, immediately afterwards, move slightly forwards on your board and initiate the spinning motion by simultaneously lifting your hips and legs from the water and throwing your head in the direction of the turn. (i.e. back towards the breaking part of the wave).

Step 2 :
Once spinning, try to keep your legs crossed – not only will the move look a lot better, but you have less chance of a random limb catching the face and digging in. You can control the speed of the spin by how far from the wave you lift your legs and how long you keep them up for.

Step 3 :
When you have spun far enough move back to a normal trim position, place your legs back on to the surface, and look in the direction you want to be travelling next. Reverses make the best of a weak section and are an eye-catching alternative to a cutback or turn.


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