How To Pull An Air Reverse?


Like so many of today’s moves, the air reverse was pioneered by Mike Stewart, but more recently it’s been taken to the next level by that aerial freak Jeff Hubbard.

Speed is more important than almost any other factor if this move is to be completed successfully – there’s no faking an air reverse.

Step 1:

In the first shot Rob has bottom-turned (milking the wave for every ounce of speed), he’s eyed the spot that he wants to hit, and with good timing he’s initiated the first part of the move.  At this point Rob is 100 percent committed – his back is fully arched and he’s looking in the direction he wants to spin.

Step 2:

The second stage of the move sees Rob use his momentum and timing; he’s been catapulted up and out of the lip (shots 5-6). Many people in the same situation would end up doing an off-the-lip reverse, but it’s Rob’s ability to ‘pop it’ and put air between him and the wave that causes this lift. You’ll notice that his legs are crossed – making the move look more refined – and he is, after having completed half of the rotation, again looking in the direction in which he is spinning; keeping that momentum going.

Step 3:

To land, hold on tight, look through the turn, keep your legs crossed then battle out of the foam.

Step 4:

It’s difficult to see because of the whitewater, but in the final stage of an air reverse you can see how Rob has landed on the foam cushion having completed over 50% of the rotation and now needs to spin out of the white wash. Dropping a leg when you’re in the foam can help. Good luck!


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