Bodyboard School Winter Lessons

Winter Lessons
A great bottom turn during the second half of the session at Towan wedge

One to One Bodyboard Lessons – Awesome Fun!

Winter bodyboard lessons enjoy less crowds, better waves and big improvements!

After signing up for the Bodyboard-School during the Christmas holidays.

Rob and the team decided that with the pushing tide and the offshore breeze the best spot would be the Harbour left at Towan beach.

Specific Manoeuvre Coaching

The aim of the session was to improve general technique and to focus on nailing some nice cut backs. After some beach and water instruction, Jim had nailed a sweet cut back by his fifth wave. The next challenge was to work on achieving a solid bottom turn, so the session focused on the wedging waves that were coming off Towan Island. Through some practical instruction and explanation, Jim nailed some nice bottom turns and as the shots show, he drew some great lines, which will aid him in the next coaching sessions when we focus on lip moves. 

Core The Barber Ltd Bat PX 2014

Jim decided that it was time to trade in his old Hot Buttered board and after chatting through the options and discussing his budget upgraded to a Core The Barber Ltd Bat PX 2014. It was an easy decision, as he wanted a board that would work well in the UK and Morocco and be a suitable size for him. His Hot Buttered board was an inch too long. Jim also wanted to try a bat tail to improve drive and make moves easier.

On-going Improvements

Jim came on one of our bodyboard coaching weekends in autumn 2013 and has since seen his riding come on in leaps and bounds. He’s looking to take his riding to the next level with the Morocco coaching holidays and really get the most out of the sport while experiencing Morocco’s incredible climate and culture. “We had some great waves today and I really enjoyed the session, I’ve got some more pointers to focus on before I get in the water again in Morocco, thanks a lot!” said Jim after the session.

Rob Barber’s bodyboard-school is open all year round. If you would like to improve your riding call 01637 879571 or check out

All shots by Joe Woodhouse


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